About us

Proside was founded in May 2004, always believing in dynamism and capacity for innovation, develops relationships and partnerships with the mains players in the market.

Proximo® is a totally innovative and market-leading customer service and queue management software resulting from experience, combined with innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, which allows to satisfy different needs of those who serve and those who are served.


What we say we do, we do it in fact.

Focus on results

Exceed customer expectations through the provision of value-added services, supported by flexible, innovative and technologically advanced solution.


Guide the performance of the company and our employees by respecting colleagues, customers and suppliers, believing in the work capacities of each of our values.


In attitude and in the way of being, we always see the best path and the best way to reach the end.


We adapt to challenges in a non-closed and watertight way, sometimes it is necessary to look for other ways to arrive at the best solutions.

Where we arrived